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Big Wave Bay
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Hello All,
The weather has been Vancouver like all week.  It was so misty that the top of my apartment building was shrouded in a cloud and I had trouble seeing it from the bottom.  Kinda depressing.  I don't think I would do very well in Vancouver.  It might be minus 20 in Alberta, but when there is blue sky there is hope.  Things are supposed to get a little better next week so I am looking forward to that.  As a result of the rain I finally succumbed and went into a museum.  Museum's here are good and they only cost 10 Hong Kong to get in, about a dollar 25 Canadian so that is great.  I toured the Hong Kong Heritage museum and it was like going to Heritage Park, a funky art show, a classic art gallery, and a typical museum full of excellent dishes and bowls.  I'll let the pictures speak their thousand words.  Adios.  Till next time.


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